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Provide easy access to high-quality prescription compounds from pharmacies for providers and their patients.

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Are you a medical provider searching for high quality compounded medications? Look no further. iCompound only lists compounds from PCAB accredited pharmacies and FDA-registered outsourcing facilities. Our mission is to ensure that medical providers have easy access to quality compounded drugs when FDA-approved drugs do not meet the medical needs of their patients.

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iCompound is helping 503A PCAB accredited pharmacies and 503B compounding outsourcing facilities expand their reach across the US. We serve pharmacies by connecting their products to providers in every state they're licensed in. We only post quality medications to our online catalog which follows a pay-per-click model.

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Who Are We?

iCompound is your trusted source for quality compounded medications. We only list the highest quality compounded medications from PCAB accredited pharmacies and FDA-registered outsourcing facilities. We provide access to the compounded medications that medical providers want and then connect them with the pharmacies that carry it.

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