The Compounded Drugs Scavenger Hunt: How iCompound Simplifies Selection - iCompound

The compounded drug “scavenger hunt” is a familiar headache for many healthcare providers that prescribe compound medication. Finding the right compound prescription far too often means tedious hours spent calling around, scouring the web, and thumbing endlessly through catalogues. Figuring out what compound products are available where, then obtaining the correct contact information to send a prescription or make an order, followed by tiresome research comparing pricing – this process alone can be an impossible hassle for a busy practice. All that wasted time spent searching for compounding pharmacy products should be put towards what you do best: serving patients, and iCompound is here to help you do just that. Find out how iCompound is your simple and effective solution to the headache of the hunt.

  1. Stop sifting through contact information for compounding pharmacy products.

The first steps in the compound drug scavenger hunt can be highly time-consuming in and of themselves. From the very beginning, multiple steps are required to access the information that can lead to your desired product.  Accessing quality pharmacies, such as PCAB and FDA-registered pharmacies, require the first step of finding a list of pharmacies from either the PCAB or FDA website. Then you’ll need to hunt around for that pharmacy’s contact info and request information.  For FDA-registered pharmacies, you may need to take the additional step of activating an account in order to access products. All of which can sometimes result in the discovery that you are unable to find exactly what you need.

iCompound’s unique technology has put an end to time wasted calling around to find out what compound medications are available at which locations and for what price. Simply put, we connect you with all quality compounds available in your state.

  1. Browse our simple and comprehensive compound medications library.

iCompound has eliminated the inconvenience of hunting around for compounded medications by compiling information on hundreds of compounded drugs from 503A PCAB-accredited and 503B FDA-registered outsourcing facilities into one easy-to-use library. iCompound offers a comprehensive list of compound medications that are available to you at the click of a button. Simply select a medical category and view all quality compounds available in your area.

  1. View clear price comparisons of compounded pharmaceuticals.

iCompound shows pricing options based on compounds and location, allowing for seamless and straightforward price comparisons of compound medications. Now you can be sure you are providing patients with the highest quality compound medications for the very best available price, without having to spend hours researching prices from multiple sources yourself.

  1. Find the best compounding pharmacy location to suit your needs.

Finally, compounding product, pricing, and pharmacy location are available all in one place. iCompound technology grants you access to information on compounding pharmacies in your area so that you can ensure quick and painless prescription filling without the nuisance of hunting around for a compounding pharmacy location that has your desired compound. By working with both local and mail-order compounding pharmacies, we can be sure providers get all available compound products from the most convenient locations possible.

  1. Ensure quality and safety in your compounding services.

iCompound is committed to improving healthcare provider access to quality compounding pharmacies and do so by only partnering with PCAB-accredited and FDA-registered pharmacies. Providing safe and effective prescription compounds to your patients is an absolute priority. With iCompound, you can be completely confident that your obtaining compounded medications from pharmacies with the highest standards in safety and quality, alleviating the time spent traditionally vetting various sources.

Ditch the hassle of the compounded drug scavenger hunt and make iCompound your trusted source for compound medications from PCAB and FDA-registered pharmacies. Get started online to fulfill all your pharmaceutical compounding needs today!