iCompound’s medical compounding categories are essentially boundless. Our technology seamlessly displays categories that have compounding pharmacy products available in your state, a list that continues to grow alongside compound medication demand and availability. Browse our comprehensive list of compounding medical categories below, and visit us online to view which compound products are available in your area. Pharmacies looking to be a part of our ever-expanding network of high quality, safe, and reliable compounding services can learn more here.


iCompound’s customized compound dosages for adrenal dysfunction or thyroid imbalance give healthcare professionals the unique opportunity to create access to medications that are free of potentially problematic inactive ingredients and fillers. Thus, iCompound creates access to the safe, consistent, and individualized adrenal and thyroid support that is essential to endocrinological health. Shop Adrenal/Thyroid


iCompound gives healthcare professionals access to quality compound anesthetics that allow for safe, customized anesthesia. Shop Anesthetics


iCompound’s oral compounded medications offer a wide range of dental solutions in various forms, tailored to patients’ preferences and guaranteed to help subside the pervasive dental phobia that so often accompanies a trip to the dentist’s office. Shop Dentistry/Oral


Skincare needs are as endlessly variable as skin type, which is why patients benefit enormously from individualized skincare solutions. We give access to compounded pharmaceutical products that treat patients with an approach to dermatological care that is as unique and diverse as they are. Shop Dermatology


iCompound gives otolaryngologists access to a multitude of ear, nose, and throat compound medications in order to ensure patients get customized compounded prescription treatments that maximize outcome and reduce negative side effects for a multitude of ENT solutions. 


Pharmaceutical compounding preparations can have a paramount role in treating gastrointestinal (GI) disorders. iCompound creates access to medicinal compounds for GI disorders in the best possible formula, from oral medicines to rectal suppositories, in order to meet individualized patient needs. Shop Gastroenterology

Hormone Therapy

Every individual patient will respond to hormone therapy in their own unique way. iCompound creates access to customized hormone therapy that allows for optimal strength and dosage to meet specific, personalized needs.

Low Dose Naltrexone

iCompound creates access to the compounding of low dose naltrexone (LDN) as a safe and effective medical compounding treatment to patients with autoimmune diseases, central nervous system disorders, and certain cancer types.


When it comes to eye care, iCompound ensures that you are getting access to the highest quality sterile compounding products to treat ophthalmological needs with the ultimate care that one’s vision deserves. Shop Ophthalmology 

Pain Management

Solve the complexities of pain management with customized compounded medications and therapies that address the myriad of issues caused by pain. These compounds meet individual needs to ensure that safe pain relief improves each unique patient’s quality of life. Shop Pain Management

Palliative Care

Ensuring that loved ones who have a terminal condition are able to get the most out of the precious time they have is made easier with medicinal compound solutions in palliative care. iCompound’s gives patients with chronic illnesses access to unique, personalized alternatives that allow them to be as comfortable as possible when managing diseases that are not responsive to curative treatment. 


Compounding medications into dosage sizes and forms that are easier to administer, and/or compounded into flavors, colors, or consistencies that children find more enticing, eliminates the major hurdles that are often involved in nursing sick children back to health. Shop Pediatrics


Podiatry compounded medical solutions ensure that foot injuries and afflictions, which can be highly debilitating, get the individualized treatment required to ensure patients get back on their feet as quickly and safely as possible. 

Sports Medicine

A compound prescription in sports medicine can often be the only solution to keep patients on top of their game. Treating sports related afflictions with compounded sports medication allows medical professionals to tailor solutions to more athletic lifestyles by providing compound products that help ensure speedy recoveries, limit side effects that hinder performance, and reduce the chance of repeat injury.


The sensitive needs of urological care can be addressed with compound prescriptions that treat urinary tract and reproductive system issues. From UTIs to bladder control issues, testosterone imbalance to ED, we can give access to safe, customizable, and discrete compounded medication solutions. Shop Urology

Weight Loss

Weight management is key to maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. When diet and exercise alone are unable to produce optimal results, customized compounded pharmaceutical solutions can be the key to ensuring individual weight loss and overall wellness goals are achievable. Compounds can be used in tandem with existing weight loss programs and can be customized to fit each patient’s individual needs. Shop Weight Loss

Wound Care

Different types of injuries result in vastly different wounds, and each requires individual approaches to treatment. iCompound allows each compound rx to be tailored based on the optimal approach to treating a particular wound – be it reducing pain, deterring infection, revitalizing new tissue growth, or any other customized approach to wound care. When using iCompound’s wound care compounded prescriptions, the ideal combinations of active ingredients can be combined in the most effective way to ensure each individual wound is treated with maximum success. Shop Wound Care


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