Here at iCompound, we know how difficult it can be to find the highest quality compound medications at the best possible price, and we have taken it upon ourselves to transform and simplify this process. iCompound’s unique technology has taken the hassle out of compounding pharmaceutical services by becoming a simple and effective one-stop shop for all your pharmaceutical compounding needs.

iCompound offers providers the ability to rapidly search iCompound’s comprehensive medical compound library and get all the information necessary to make compound prescription ordering as easy as 1, 2, 3. For the very first time, a clear, easy to navigate compound medication list is available alongside comparable pricing options and compound pharmacy locations ready to take your order. Our quick and easy online platform ensures you find industry-leading compound products for the best price from the most convenient locations. These three simple steps allow you to find all patient-specific and office-use compounds in your area so that you can compare prices and product options from all the quality compounding pharmacies near you – all at the click of a button.

  1. Search by compound prescription category

To begin browsing our list of high-quality compound products near you, simply choose your state and pick a medical category. This first step grants healthcare professionals immediate access to our clear, comprehensive library of high quality compound medications along with product details. iCompound connects providers with the best compound medications available via both mail order and local compounding pharmacies, a list that continues to grow along with demand and availability in your area.

  1. Compare compound prescription prices

Finding the best prescription prices for compound medication no longer means endlessly calling around, scouring the internet, or scanning through countless catalogs to compare products and prices. iCompound lists the pricing options of our available products right at your fingertips, ensuring that you stay on top of compound prescription costs and that your patients are never caught off guard by unexpectedly high prices. Our straightforward display of compound pricing ensures you get patients the compound medication they need at prices they can afford.

  1. Get connected to the compounding pharmacy nearest you

We partner with the best local and mail order compounding pharmacies to ensure providers find the pharmaceutical compounding solutions they are looking for with the utmost convenience. With iCompound, information on product, pricing, and pharmacy locations are finally available all in one place, allowing you to find a compounding pharmacy in your area that best fits your patients’ needs. iCompound only posts the highest quality medications from 503A pharmacies with PCAB accreditation and 503B pharmacies that are FDA-registered, so you can be sure your patients are always getting the best products available. Once you’ve located the compound and price you’re looking for, we connect you with a quality pharmacy that carries it. We provide you with all the pharmacy contact information to call, fax, or e-prescribe the compound to the pharmacy of choice. No more call backs regarding unexpectedly high prices or wrongly written prescriptions. You and your staff have more time to spend doing what you do best, taking care of patients.

Prompt efficiency in tandem with maintaining the highest quality standards is an absolute priority at iCompound, and we pride ourselves on supplying healthcare providers with the tools and information necessary to provide compound pharmaceutical services as expeditiously as possible. Let us help you get more time to focus on patients. Make our best-in-class selection of quality compound medication your one-stop shop for all your pharmaceutical compound needs today, and we’ll eliminate the headache and wasted time spent endlessly searching for compounding products at optimal prices from multiple sources. We seamlessly connect provider, patient, and pharmacy to ensure compounding services are easy, safe, and effective for everyone involved.