Why Do Patients Need Compounded Drugs? - iCompound

Certain patients have specific individual needs that cannot be met by traditional pharmacies using traditional medication produced on a large-scale. Pharmaceutical compounding allows medical professionals to create customized solutions for specific diseases and specific patients. A compounding pharmacy is able to compound medication as prescribed by a medical professional using distinctive methods that allow for increased patient compliance, responsiveness, and tolerance for treatment. iCompound partners with best in class compounding pharmacies that have access to the highest quality pharmaceutical products and ensure specific patient needs can be met using the latest research, medical techniques, and quality control methods.

Patients require compounded drugs instead of traditional medication for the following reasons:

1) Compound products provide patients with an alternate medication form or route of administration when needed.

For a variety of reasons, patients may require that their medication be offered in a different dosage form than that provided by large scale drug manufacturers. If a patient exhibits difficulty swallowing, for example, a transdermal, topical, or liquid form of compound medication may be more appropriate than a pill. Compounding pharmacies give pharmacists the opportunity to provide patients with a form of medication that they are able to best administer. Dosage types can include but are not limited to capsules, liquids, troches/lollipops, nasal sprays, inhalations, suppositories, topical preparations, and creams.

2) Compound medication can be customized by removing unwanted inactive ingredients.

Intolerance of lactose, gluten, dyes and/or alcohol, as well as other sensitivities can sometimes cause damaging reactions or even prohibit a patient from taking certain medication. Compounding pharmacies allow for the creation of compound medication that eliminates inactive ingredients such as preservatives, sugar, alcohol, lactose, gluten, etc. in order to meet specific requirements for certain patients.

3) Compound prescriptions can offer an alternative dose strength.

Occasionally, a patient will require medication that is either higher or lower than the medication’s commercially manufactured dose strength. Medical professionals use pharmaceutical compounding to create dosage strengths that are perhaps not commonly prescribed, but are required to satisfy a patient’s individual needs.

4) Compounded drugs can accommodate patients who need allergen-free medications.

An allergic reaction caused by specific fillers, preservatives, or other ingredients in some medication could mean a patient is unable to take the medicine they need. Compounding pharmacists provide the solution to this dilemma by creating allergen-free compound medication, ensuring patients with certain allergies get the care they require.

5) Compounding can make medicine more tolerable.

It is not uncommon – particularly among children, elderly individuals, or pets – for patients to refuse medication due to highly unpleasant or intolerable flavoring. A compound prescription allows pharmacists to produce a required medication in the patient’s flavor of choice, encouraging them to take the medicine they need as directed.

6) Compounding pharmacies can give patients access to discontinued medication.

Compounding pharmacies play a crucial role in allowing patients to continue taking medication that has been discontinued by large manufacturers. Recreating the discontinued formula into a safe and effective compound medication allows patients to continue to get the treatment they need, despite the fact that it may no longer be widely available.

7) Compounding pharmacists offer unique, customized solutions for patients that need them.

Compounding pharmacists are able to use their vast pharmaceutical knowledge to create individualized treatment plans for patients that have resistant or uncommon conditions that cannot be effectively treated by traditional medicine. Compounding pharmacies thus have the distinctive ability to provide the customized care that traditional pharmacies are unable to provide, but can be so critical for patients with specific needs.

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