At iCompound, providing safe and effective pharmaceutical compounding solutions is our #1 priority. The primary way to ensure our customers are receiving only the best compounding pharmacy products is to work exclusively with superior quality pharmacies. We partner with pharmacies that share our commitment to integrity, quality, and safety – and your patients reap the benefits.

We put pharmaceutical compounding quality and safety first.

The principal reason we insist on working with only the highest quality compounding pharmacies is simply that the most reliable compounded drug, from the best compounding pharmacy, will always result in optimal health outcomes. We insist that our partners adhere to strict quality control standards and guidelines to ensure patients consistently receive properly prepared compound medication of the highest quality. Every patient has their own specific treatment plans and needs. Therefore, compounding pharmacists may be required to combine a wide variety of medications together into one product specifically designed for that patient. This is a highly specialized process and one that could potentially have very negative outcomes if done incorrectly. This is why we only work with the highest level compounding pharmacies using the latest research and techniques, highly effective quality control processes, and the highest quality pharmaceutical ingredients. The goal of every compounding pharmacist that we work with is to treat patients in the most effective and safest way possible. We make sure that this goal is achieved by partnering with pharmacies that share our mission and commitment to quality.

Increased need for compound pharmaceuticals means increased responsibility for compounding pharmacies.

Compounding pharmacies and compound medications are experiencing a rise in popularity as the demand for individualized, patient-specific treatment grows. Patients and providers alike are witnessing the benefits of customized healthcare solutions. It is thus becoming all the more paramount that pharmacies understand the importance of ensuring quality in the growing market of compound medication. More and more medical professionals are relying on compounding pharmacies to compound in accordance with the highest quality standards, and to dispense only the safest and highest quality compounded drugs.

iCompound is dedicated to gaining trust.

It is impossible to overstate the value of quality control in pharmaceutical compounding. A multitude of medications are compounded every day and poor quality control on behalf of a pharmacy can severely damage a patient’s health. Compounding services fulfill an important, specialized niche in the pharmaceutical industry by offering compound medications tailored to their individual needs and designed to improve patient compliance and treatment outcome. Compounding errors can have very tragic consequences. These errors can overshadow the advantages of compounding and erode trust in the trade. iCompound works to rebuild trust in pharmaceutical compounding companies by only working with those that recognize the immense faith their patients have in their professionalism and the responsibility that comes with that.

iCompound embraces our industry’s call for increased quality assurance for compound prescription drugs. PCAB-accreditation and/or FDA-registration are 2 ways to recognize pharmacies that have high standards in pharmaceutical compounding. iCompound only works with PCAB-accredited and FDA-registered pharmacies in order to be confident that our partners are dedicated to industry best practices and are consistently providing quality compound medication that our healthcare providers can trust. Simply put, it is critical to partner with pharmacies that offer compounding pharmacy products and supplies of only the highest quality in order to ensure patient safety and to maintain that trust.