Is it Possible to Actually Save Money Buying Compound Medication?

Maybe. That may not be the desired response, but there are many factors that influence the cost of compounded drugs. The cost of these individualized medications fluctuates drastically depending upon the desired product, ingredients, dosages, and compounding processes utilized in its synthesis. Commercially available pharmaceutical products are mass-produced, which decreases the cost, but may also include cost-increasing patents. Determining where compound prescription medications fit in this can be complicated. The two main determinants of compound drug costs are labor and ingredients.

Cost of Creating Compounded Medications

There are several factors that can influence the cost of developing a compounded medication. The complexity of the drug and, therefore, the steps and skills necessary to produce it can greatly impact the amount of time and energy that goes into its creation. Increased processing difficulty or time will ultimately increase the final price. In most cases, gels and creams require less processing than most pills. The additional steps required to make the pills require more time to create the finished product. Therefore, the costs associated with the production of compounded gels and creams are typically less than those of medications in pill form.

Cost of Ingredients for Compounded Medications

The ability to remove unwanted ingredients and create a personalized product that contains the exact dosages needed by the patient is one of the primary benefits of a compounded medication. However, the types and dosages of the ingredients that remain a part of the drug have a major impact on its overall cost.

Drugs that predominantly contain common ingredients can often have low production costs. As with any business, compounding pharmacies can order these in bulk and then transfer the savings onto their customers. If the medication requires rare or hard to get ingredients that the compounding pharmacy has to special order, they may have to pay a premium for the ingredient and for shipping. These additional costs are similarly passed on to the customer and the price of the drug may increase drastically.

How to Save Money on Compounded Medications

Determine what ingredients your patient needs and find a compounding pharmacy that has them in stock

This may seem obvious, but if your patient needs specific ingredients, ensure that your compounding pharmacy has them in stock. Having to make a personal order will only increase the cost of the medication. If they do not have what you need, ask them if they have a comparable ingredient in stock. If there is a similar, but less expensive, ingredient that does the same thing, this may save your patient money on their current order and future orders.

Be flexible

It is important that you get the medication your patients require, however, pharmaceutical compounding companies may be able to make suggestions that will save them money. Whether they suggest a comparable, but less expensive, ingredient or a final form of the product, many pharmacists are happy to suggest cost-cutting alternatives.

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