What is iCompound?

iCompound provides easy access to high-quality prescription compounds from pharmacies for providers and their patients. iCompound offers providers the ability to rapidly search our comprehensive medical compound library to find the information necessary to make compound prescription ordering as easy as possible. Through iCompound, for the first time, a clear, easy to navigate compound medication list is available alongside comparable pricing options and compound pharmacy locations. Our quick and easy online platform ensures that you find industry-leading compound products for the best price from the most convenient locations.

How iCompound Helps Healthcare Providers

iCompound serves healthcare providers by listing all compounding products, pricing, and pharmacy locations in one convenient place. iCompound technology grants easy access to information on compounding pharmacies in your area so that you can ensure quick and painless prescription filling without the nuisance of hunting around for the best compounding pharmacy location with your desired compound. We work with only the highest quality local and mail-order compounding pharmacies to help healthcare providers in a number of different ways:

1. We offer providers an easy access to alternative therapies when FDA-approved drugs don’t meet the needs of their patients.

Compound medications are experiencing a rise in popularity as the demand for alternative, patient-specific treatment grows. Patients and providers alike are witnessing the benefits of customized healthcare solutions. When FDA-approved drugs don’t meet a patient’s needs – iCompound can help. Certain patients require specific, individual treatments that can not be fulfilled by traditional pharmacies using traditional medication produced on a large scale. Pharmaceutical compounding allows medical professionals to create alternative solutions for specific diseases and specific patients. Our partner pharmacies are able to compound medication as prescribed by a medical professional using distinctive methods that allow for increased patient compliance, responsiveness, and tolerance for treatment. iCompound partners with best-in-class compounding pharmacies that have access to the highest quality pharmaceutical products and ensure specific patient needs can be met using the latest research, medical techniques, and quality control methods.

2. We help healthcare providers access quality compounding pharmacies and their compounds.

More and more medical professionals are relying on compounding pharmacies to compound in accordance with the highest quality standards, and to dispense only the safest and highest quality compounded drugs. Providing safe and effective pharmaceutical compounding solutions is iCompound’s top priority. The primary way to ensure healthcare providers are receiving only the best compounding products is to work exclusively with superior quality pharmacies. We partner with pharmacies that share our commitment to integrity, quality, and safety; because of this, our providers reap the benefits.

3. We reveal compound pricing with transparency.

We believe that providers and patients need to be able to make informed decisions. iCompound gives providers access to compound product pricing options right at your fingertips. Our straightforward display of compound pricing ensures you get patients the compound medication they need at prices they can afford. That way, you stay on top of compound prescription costs and your patients are never caught off guard by unexpectedly high prices. In granting easy access to pricing for our highly qualified healthcare providers, iCompound is able to help fulfill compound prescriptions at affordable prices, while ensuring quality that patients can trust.

4. We educate providers about new formulas that might benefit their patients.

iCompound increases not only access to, but also information on, available compound meds, encouraging more informed health care choices, and providing the opportunity to experience the vast array of individualized benefits a compound prescription can offer.

Verified healthcare providers can visit iCompound today to find out how to become a part of our trusted network of healthcare professionals looking to ensure quality, safety, and affordability in compounded drugs.