What is iCompound?

iCompound offers providers and their patients easy access to high-quality compound medication pharmacies. iCompound’s technology offers a clear, easy to navigate compound medication list alongside comparable pricing options and compounding pharmacy locations. Our quick and easy online platform allows providers to find industry-leading compound products for the best price from our top quality pharmacy partners.

How iCompound Helps Pharmacies

As expectations around patient-specific healthcare treatments increase, so does the importance of pharmaceutical compounding. iCompound partners with pharmacies that are able to access top quality compound products and fill compound prescriptions using the latest research, quality control process, and techniques to ensure individual patient needs are met. We pride ourselves in helping our trusted pharmacy partners in a variety of ways:

Expanding Reach by Connecting Compounding Pharmacies to Providers

iCompound works to successfully expand the reach of top quality compounding pharmacies across the country. iCompound connects providers with the best compound medications available via both mail order and local compounding pharmacies. Our partner pharmacies are able to increase business by connecting with licensed providers in their state. Our online catalog is a pay-per-click model so we are able to do this at little financial risk to our compound pharmacy partners.

Gaining Trust by Ensuring the Use of Quality Compounds Only

It is impossible to overstate the value of quality control in pharmaceutical compounding. A multitude of medications are compounded every day and poor quality control can severely damage a patient’s health. These errors can overshadow the advantages of compounding, and erode trust in the trade. iCompound works to rebuild trust in pharmaceutical compounding companies by only working with those that recognize the immense faith their patients have in their professionalism and that acknowledge the responsibility that comes with that. We are devoted to providing only the highest quality compounds on our website. Your patient’s trust should be your top priority. Your trust is ours.

The principal reason we insist on working with only the highest quality compounding pharmacies is simply that the most reliable compounded drug, from the best compounding pharmacy, will always result in optimal health outcomes. We insist that our partners adhere to strict quality control standards and guidelines to ensure patients consistently receive properly prepared compounded drugs of the highest quality. At iCompound, providing safe and effective pharmaceutical compounding solutions is our #1 priority. The primary way to ensure our customers are receiving only the best compounding products is to work exclusively with superior quality pharmacies. When we partner with your pharmacy, providers know you share our commitment to integrity, quality, and safety.

Educating Providers About our Accredited Partnering Pharmacies

iCompound embraces our industry’s call for an emphasis on quality assurance for compound prescription drugs. PCAB certification is one way to recognize pharmacies that meet the high standards of accreditation in pharmaceutical compounding. iCompound works with PCAB-certified pharmacies in order to be confident that our partners are dedicated to industry best practices and are consistently providing quality compound medication that our providers can trust. Simply put, it is critical to partner with pharmacies that offer compounding pharmacy products and supplies of only the highest quality in order to ensure patient safety and to maintain that trust. This is why we partner with pharmacies that have distinguished themselves by acquiring PCAB certification, ensuring a high level of service that utilizes the sound standardized procedures, documentation, and training necessary to continuously provide quality compounded drugs.

In today’s market, some providers still do not understand the need for compounding pharmacy accreditations. iCompound works to educate providers about this process and to help them understand why your accreditations are so important. This helps you to gain their confidence as a trusted source of compounded medication. Since iCompound only posts the highest quality medications from 503A pharmacies with PCAB accreditation and 503B pharmacies, providers know they are getting quality products.

If you are a quality compounding pharmacy looking to expand your reach and become a part of our network of compounding professionals, contact us today!