Meet the Team

adamAdam is the Founder & CEO at iCompound. His vision is simple, improve healthcare provider access to quality compounded medications. He passionately believes that iCompound brings value to the patient, provider, and pharmacy.
After spending years in the medical field, Adam founded iCompound because it knocks down multiple barriers healthcare providers face with accessing compounds. He feels that educating healthcare providers on quality accreditations and regulations, combined with easy access will ultimately elevate quality compounding as a whole.
Adam is a practicing Dermatologist in Nashville, TN and a Field Surgeon in the Army National Guard, currently holding the rank of Major.


philipPhilip is the Pharmacy Account Manager and product expert at iCompound. While his background is not in healthcare, Philip brings a unique set of skills to iCompound having significant experience with customer relationship management and social media marketing.
His vision is centered around helping the compounding world enter the 21st century by making it easier for healthcare providers to find quality-compounded medicines for their patients.
With a Business Administration degree from the University of Central Florida, Philip’s role is to manage pharmacy relations and facilitate the day-to-day functioning of iCompound. He has been involved with the company since the early development of the idea and the launch of the company.


About Compounding Medications

We are passionate about educating prospective partners about the medication compounding industry. We think people should know the following about the industry:

1. Not all compounding pharmacies are created equal.
2. Most healthcare providers are unaware of the differences between 503A vs 503A PCAB-accredited vs 503B FDA-registered pharmacies.
3. The majority of healthcare providers are unaware that there has been a lot of changes in compounding pharmacy regulations since the New England Compounding Center incident.
4. Compounded medications help broaden healthcare provider treatment options when FDA-approved drugs don’t meet the needs of their patients.

Contact Us

If you have any further questions about iCompound or the compounding industry, please head to our contact page so that we can get in touch with you!