Connecting Compounding Pharmacies to Providers

iCompound is helping compounding pharmacies expand their reach across the US. We serve pharmacies by connecting their products to providers in every state they’re licensed in. We do this at little financial risk to our partnering pharmacies because our online catalogue is a pay-per-click model.

Quality Compounds Only

Right now, there is a hesitation around compounded medication. This hesitation is due to consequences from the manufacturing and distribution of less than quality compounded medication in the past. iCompound is dedicated to gaining the trust of providers by only including quality compounds on our website. We also gain providers’ trust by marketing you – our partnering pharmacies! 

Accredited Partnering Pharmacies

iCompound only posts medications from 503A pharmacies with PCAB accreditation and 503B pharmacies. Many providers are not aware of compounding pharmacy accreditations. Therefore, iCompound is educating providers on your accreditations and gaining their confidence as a trusted source of compounded medication. We’d love to market your pharmacy to medical providers! If you want to expand your pharmacy’s reach, fill out our contact form below.

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